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Be Wary of Free Online Defensive Driving Courses

Although it is always nice to get something for free, there are often flaws within the system where something about what is offered will cost the individual money. This is often true with free online defensive driving courses that are offered. Although they catch an individual’s attention with the word ‘free,’ and many of the things about the course may be offered without cost, there is usually a hidden fee that the individual will have to pay at some point in the course, even if it is at the very end of the course and he has to pay for the final exam or the certificate to be shipped to the state office or insurance agency.

Reading the Fine Print

When individuals are required to take a driving course by a court due to traffic violations, they should be sure to read through the online defensive driving course reviews to find the ones that match what they need to learn and that are accredited by the state that they live in. Often the DMV for their state will have a list of the courses that are accepted to help to remove points from tickets or driving records, or to help to restore the licenses of those individuals. Some states do not allow any online defensive driving courses, and individuals need to know that before they invest time and money into such a course.

Free online defensive driving courses will gain an individual’s attention through the use of the ‘free’ word when in actuality is the only thing that is free is the shipping cost or some other small side item. The ‘free’ online defensive driving course itself will often run from thirty to one hundred dollars to take and often the test will cost over and above that amount. In addition, many of these free online defensive driving courses will say in the fine print that it is the individual’s responsibility to ascertain that the certification from that organization will be accepted in that state. It is very misleading on many of the websites for these free online defensive driving courses since all states will be available for the courses, but in the verbiage under the information about the course, it will give the warned that the individual must make sure that the course is accepted. For individuals who are more naïve to this trickery used by such sites, they can easily be pulled into the offer of a free deal, take the course, pay the side fees, and end up in a mess when the state says that the course does not count.

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