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Finding the Best Online Defensive Driving Class

When an individual finds himself in trouble with too many points on his record for poor driving, whether it was for speeding, recklessness, driving poorly in rough weather conditions, or Driving Under the Influence, there are times when the court may mandate that he take a driving course that is accepted by the state. When this is the case, the state will usually have a list of acceptable courses that can be taken by the individual which will count toward his record and help to remove points or reduce sentencing or fines. Some of the best defensive driving classes are found online, where the individual can do the course material on his own time, in the comfort of his own home, and usually has about six months to complete the material. There are usually court mandated timelines as well, so that the individual may not be able to take a full three months to complete the material in order to get the certification into the court by the prescribed date.

Choosing the Course

The best online defensive driving classes usually have a listing of which courses are accredited by which states. California and Texas seem to be the most open to online courses where other states will only accept traditional classroom methods of obtaining the materials. There are some sites that claim to have free online defensive driving courses but these courses usually have some flaw to them, such as they are not accepted by most states and some are not accepted by any. Some insurance companies may accept them for certification, but the state regulations are usually much stricter and these courses are not acceptable. There are also times when the courses are offered for ‘free’ but have a fee attached for the final exam, or for the certificate to be sent to the state or insurance company. Individuals are wise to beware of these courses.

The best online defensive driving classes will offer a comprehensive program that walks the individual through the traffic laws of his or her particular state. Not only do these courses usually give the written material, but they will also often have classroom lectures and demonstrations of the laws in action and common mistakes that people make when driving. There will also often be statistics about different traffic violations and the fatalities that occur due to those issues to help enlighten the individual to the seriousness of following the law. At the end of most sections, the best online defensive driving classes will offer quizzes that will test their knowledge and help them to prepare for the questions that will be found on the exam.

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