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Foremost Tips: Defensive Driving

Flexibility is one of the characteristics of life-time driving skills. At the early stage of driving, we tend to exhibit inexperience and would usually react sharply to certain road situations. At the later part of life (well advanced stage), one could also exhibit one of those features of early driving days since reflexes are slower during this time. Whatever be your stage in driving, it is important to drive defensively; be ready to accommodate and safely handle the unexpected attitudes of other road users which include fellow drivers and pedestrians. The following defensive driving tips will surely be of immense value to you.

Safe driving ideas

Ensure that you map out enough space around your car at all times. A space of about 2 to 3 cars length is appropriate. To ascertain if the space you left is good enough, ensure that you keep a close watch as the car in front of yours zoom pass some rooted objects like an electric pole. Then, you need to make counts until your car gets to the same object. If you notice another car coming after you very closely along the same line, give the car room to pass so that you can maintain your space and safety techniques. Also, it is safe and good defensive driving tip to give room for a car that is beginning to back out of a parking space instead of trying to drive past them quickly.

It is also a good defensive driving tip to use your signals for different driving aspects such as turning, changing of lane and branching off. It is also safe to allow those who suddenly zoom into your lane without given the right signals; this way, you will be ensuring safety rather than claiming your right.

Also ensure that you apply a safe defensive driving tip by making a quick plan for any eventuality such as a truck suddenly drive past your car on the left. At such moment, it is safe to make a quick provision of space on the right that you can swiftly move into in case the truck resorts to moving back to your lane while it is clearly not yet past your car. Also ensure that pedestrians are entirely out of the way before you drive through a crosswalk; this is lawful as well as a safe driving tip that ensures that you don’t run into someone.

It is very important to be at alert while driving; a safe defensive driving tip also involves looking far into the road ahead for any possible danger. For instance, an object might suddenly run into the road from the side and even some living things such as a dog. If you are at alert, you would notice the upcoming danger and cover your brake before getting close to such danger.

Using the horn is a defensive driving tip that some drivers seem to neglect at times. It helps in alerting other road users of an impending danger and help get them on the right track; but ensure that you only use your horn appropriately so as not to scare rather than alert. Also watch out for signals such as brake lights of car (s) in your front so that you too can take precaution of the warning against some dangers ahead.

Applying these and other defensive driving tips will keep you on top of the road game.

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