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Tips for Assessing a Defensive Driving School

The reasons for going to a defensive driving school are many and may differ from one individual to another; some might opt for the conventional style of school while others might go for online learning. Whichever class and whatever reason you might seek a defensive driving class for; the few following tips discussed here can be of great use to you.

Ensure That Issues Bordering On Speed Are Taught

One of the key issues that should be discussed at a defensive driving school is speed and speed limits. You need to be taught about both why speed limits exist and why you need to follow them to be safe on the road. Learning to decipher speed postings and adapting your speed limits for inclement weather should be covered in your class.

The Issue of Space

It is also necessary that the student in a defensive driving school be taught about the importance of leaving a reasonable space between a car and the car in front of it; this is a key driving tips that helps in preventing accidents. Not only is it is very important that you keep a close watch of the vehicle in front of you while driving defensively, you should also be able to gauge what distances to leave between your car and theirs to brake safely.

It is always recommended that an object such as a road sign be kept in view as a way of keeping an eye on the vehicle right in front; as the vehicle in front passes the object, a silent counting is commenced and if you get to the same object before the next two counts; then the space is too close. Caution has to be taken to allow reasonable space between you and the vehicle in front. Over time and with practice, you will learn to approximate what safe distances just by looking at the spaces.

The Use of Seatbelts

The need for using seatbelt while driving is an inevitable subject in any good defensive driving school. They are required by law, but seatbelts truly help in reducing injury and possible death during an accident. Forgetting to put it on is no excuse; it should become a habit whenever you enter a car, irrespective of where you sit. Be aware that there are specific regulations for children and seatbelts. Children up to certain weight ranges will need to be seated in booster seats in the back seat for their own safety. It won’t be till they are much older that they will be able to sit in the front seat next to the driver.

Make sure that whichever driving school you choose is focused on teaching safety first and has reputable, knowledgeable instructors.

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